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schomburg found my poetry w no name on it at kelly’s olympian and said, ‘this is trash. i’m publishing it’


tru story

#ponytailgamestrong #selfiegamestrong #whatamidoingwithmylife

#ponytailgamestrong #selfiegamestrong #whatamidoingwithmylife

#caconrad #Pdx #poetry #graffiti #onedoorcloses

#caconrad #Pdx #poetry #graffiti #onedoorcloses


Bloc Party - “This Modern Love (La Blogotheque Acoustic Version)”

If you aren’t familiar with the work of French director Vincent Moon and La Blogotheque, you need to stop whatever you’re doing right now for a few hours, and check out some of their gorgeously filmed “Take Away Shows” videos of bands (everybody from Arcade Fire to R.E.M.) playing stripped down versions of their songs in (usually) public places. Okay, are you back now? The story behind this Take Away Show is pretty great — apparently they were filming a German band in Paris and they ended up at a pub where Kele Okereke was hanging out. They eventually managed to coax Okereke into performing a version of Silent Alarm's “This Modern Love” with just Russell Lissack accompanying him on guitar. There’s a slight rasp in Okereke’s voice in this video (“I’ve got a bit of a sore throat” he claims), but it doesn’t take away from the song’s sincerity. This was filmed in October 2008, and according to La Blogotheque, marked the first time this song was performed acoustic. We wouldn’t have guessed.  




My new chap Activity Book, featuring art by Bob Schofield,is now officially available to consume from the incredible folks at NAP. Tonight is a good night.

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#àreading #pdx #poetry #valentines

#àreading #pdx #poetry #valentines

someone text me. bored and sad.